Newtown Connection is well on its way to achieving the goal it set out to accomplish many months ago. We have formed our key relationship with the BGCSDC to provide a philanthropic partner who can help us identify the children who need our help and provide them with a place to play at NEP. We have formed partnerships with YBA PLAYThe Center for Healing and Justice through Sport, and the Positive Coaching Alliance to develop the right programming for our children and the right training for our Coach-Mentors. We are so grateful for the partnerships we have, and we look forward to connecting with more “people who are doing good in their communities.”

But we still need YOUR help to make Newtown Connection a long term, sustainable, and expandable program. Newtown Connection in conjunction with BGCSDC are a non-profit enterprise and your generous donations will provide the necessary funds to create a strong foundation within the community. Your donations will help the underserved children of Sarasota County from day one. But beyond Ian’s hometown, we see an opportunity in Newtown Connection to create a highly replicable template that other like-minded individuals and groups across the country can use to easily and successfully establish youth baseball development programs within their own communities. Please join us today to push these visions forward.